2020 Season Gallery

The Walkathon in May organised by Andy Woolaston and Scott Cooper was a great success both financially and in terms of team spirit for the club.

This is a record of those who walked the 100 laps of the ground which amounts to a distance of over 25 miles. 

It makes me tired just looking at the photos which were. of course, taken by Les.

Day 1. Andy Woolaston

1. Andy

Day 2. Dharmist Bathia

2. Dharmist

Day 3. Ivan Spibey

3. Ivan

Day 4. Scott Cooper

4. Scott

Day 5. Adam Mortimer

5. Adam

Day 6. Jack Woolaston

6. Jack

Day 7. John Mills

7. John

Day 8. Archie Woolaston

8. Archie

Day 9. Paddy Oakman

9. Paddy

Day 10. George Corbett and Inderpaul Birk who finished his laps on Day 18.

10. George10a Indie

Day 11. Simron & Amar Supra

11. Simran & Amar

Day 12. Jo Cooper

12. Jo

Day 13 and Day 19. Jo Kay.

13. Jo

Day 14. Ann Thurman

14. Ann

Day 15. Ben Tebbutt

15. Ben

Day 16. Pete Holland & Iain Fraser in full kit

16a. Pete16. Iain

Day 17.  Atul supported by Team Atul

17. Atul17a. Team Atul

Dave Tebbutt did his laps in his back garden like Colonel Sir Tom Moore but without the use of a zimmer frame as the photo shows and I’m told Pete Howard did his walking Millie but I have no pictorial record of that.

18. Dave

Les took the following photos at the Sunday XI game at Melton Mowbray when some cricket finally got underway at the end of July


Below are some of Les’s photos from the friendly match against Kibworth on 8th August


Below are some of Les’s photos from the Sunday XIs victory over Frisby HR on 9th August 


Les took the following photos at the match against Barkby in August


Les took the following photos at the 1st XI match against Lutterworth in August


Les took these photos at the 1st XI game against Kibworth



Les took these photos at the friendly against Medbourne played in awful conditions in August

IMG_1029 (1)IMG_1033 (1)IMG_1045 (1)IMG_1058 (1)IMG_1075 (1)IMG_1100 (1)

Les took the following photos at the match in which Umar took four wickets with the first four balls of Illston’s innings in September


Les took the following photos at the final home game against Egerton Park on 13 September 2020