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1907AThese two photographs date from around 1907 and were taken on the ‘cricket field’ which is now the lower end of Central Park.The chimneys of Brookside can be seen in the background.1907B1920ASyston Town v Mr Duxbury’s XI on Whit Tuesday 1921

1920BTwo views across the ‘cricket field’ in the 1920s



Sileby Charity Cup winners 1931

Back; P. Robottom, P.Ward (umpire), G. Yates, P.J.Ward, D. Forward, J. Melville,

D.Heggs, G.H. Cooper

Front; G.H. Pole, O.Cooper, V.W.T. Pearce (capt), H. Gamble, unknown, C.Toon (scorer)

1931BClub photgraph taken on the Fosseway ground in 1931

1938A1st XI v Mountsorrel 1938

Back; F. Wright (scorer), O. Cooper, D. Heggs, H. Cooper, P.Ward (umpire)

Front; D. Forward, P. Robottom, P. Ward, V.W.T. Pearce, H. Gamble, G. Yates,

H. Hubbard, unknown,

Seated; P. Cooper

JCP 004

1st XI North Leicestershire League Champions 1946

Back; H. S. Gamble, P.A. Robottom, N.T.Hardy, J. Evatt, J. Allen, E. Hartshorn,

C.W. Toon, G. Toon (scorer)

Front; L. Jackson (umpire), H. Pickering, L. Lewin, J.C.P. Arnold, B. Cooper (capt)

JCP 006

Captain G.H. (Bert) Cooper recieves the league championship trophy

JCP 005

C.W. Toon (vice captain)

JCP 007

N.T. Hardy


1st XI 1949

Back; V.W.T Pearce (umpire), H. Webb, H. Gamble, F. Wilmer, G.H.Cooper (capt),

N. Hardy, B. Barker, J. Allen, C. Toon

Front. J. Winfield, J. Evatt. J.C.P. Arnold


Captain G.H. (Bert) Cooper

JCP 001

2nd XI Division 2 League Champions 1949

Back; L. Jackson (umpire), D. Hawkins, V. Woods, H. Hubbard, H. Webb, L. Arnold

Front; J. Freer, H. Gamble, P. Cooper, J. Winfield, A. Stevens

JCP 002

H.S. Gamble

1955A1st XI 1955

Back; C. Toon, J. Allen, D. Heggs, R. Mills, T. Toon, A Barnes, L. Arnold

Front; G.H. Cooper, J.C.P. Arnold, P. Cooper, H. Hubbard,

D. Sutliff (scorer)


2nd XI 1962. North Leicestershire League Division 4 Champions 

Back; P. Kilby, D. Jennaway, D. Smith, L. Arnold, P. Arnold, unknown

Front; J. Cleaver (umpire), D. Matthews, J. Fryer, T. Toon (capt), M. Cheetham,

K. Needham, J. Burton

1964A1st XI 1964. North Leicestershire League Division 2 Champions

Back;  H. Smith,  T. Cheetham, M. Cheetham, R. Mills, D. Matthews,

P. Emmett, A. Barnes

Front; D. Cooper, P. Cooper (capt), R. Cooper, K.Cooper

1965A1st XI 1965. North Leicestershire League Division 1 Champions

Back;  G.H.Cooper (umpire), T. Cheetham, H. Smith, R. Cooper, M. Cheetham,

G. Jackson, K. Cooper

Front; B. Sutliff, J. Burton, P. Cooper (capt), D. Cooper, K. Carnall


Action shot of Mick Cheetham taken in 1966/67

JCP 003

Veterans XI 1968

Back; Jim. Evatt (umpire), T. Tomlinson, S. Sykes, D. Whenham, N. Pick,

J. Allen, G. Smith

Front; Jack Evatt, J. Flint, J.C.P.Arnold (capt), C. Toon, B. Cooper

1971AClub photograph taken on the Memorial Playing Fields 1971

1971B1st XI squad 1971

1971C2nd XI squad 1971

1973AB W Clarke Cup winners 1973

Back; D. Cooper, P. Sutliff, R. Cooper (capt), D. Smith, K. Cooper, 

C. Holland, J. Greasley

Front; T. Robinson, R. Pole, B. Sutliff, W. Chaplin (scorer), M. Rees

1974BFirst ball bowled at Potters Lane by Roger Pole on 13 july 1974

1974CFirst team to play on the Potters Lane ground, 2nd XI v New Lount on 13 July 1974

Back; D. Fox, J. Fryer, R. Pole, M. Lee, C. Garrity, G.H. Pole (umpire)

Front; J. Newton, T. Garner, J. Evatt (capt), N. Evatt, B. Hogg

1974FB.W.Clarke Cup winners 1974

Back; R. Pole, W. Chandler, P. Noble, K. Cooper, B. Sutliff, P. Sutliff

Front; D. Lyons, C. Holland, W. Chaplin (scorer), R. Cooper (capt), D. Cooper, P. Cooper

1974D1st XI 1974

Back; P.Cooper, P. Sutliff, R. Pole, D. Cooper, T. Robinson, K. Cooper

Front; B. Sutliff, C. Holland, R. Cooper (capt), J. Greasley, W. Chandler

W. Chaplin (scorer)

1975A2nd XI 1975

Back; G.H.Pole (umpire), T. Robinson, R. Pole, J. Fryer, T. Garner,

W. Chaplin, C. Garrity

Front; L. Gale, M. Rees. J. Evatt (capt), N. Evatt, J. Newton

1975B2nd XI go to Birstall by boat in 1975


1976B2nd XI 1976

Back; B. Spence, P. Asher, T. Garner, R. Pole, W. Chaplin, T. Robinson

Front; G.H.Pole (umpire), G. Caldwell, N. Evatt, B. Hogg (capt), L. Gale, J. Newton,

J. Evatt (scorer)

1978B1st XI 1978

Back; P. Sutliff, D. Cooper, B. Roehrig, W. Chaplin, R. Cooper, P. Cooper, K. Cooper

Front; C. Holland, W. Chandler, B. Sutliff (capt), C. Johnson, 

P. Garner (scorer)

1978APlayers in single wicket 1978

1979A2nd XI 1979

Back; J. Fraser, J. Newton, D. Coath, N. Evatt, P. Cooper, L. Harris, P. Gibson

Front; G.H.Pole (umpire), I. Gibson, R. Pole (capt), J. Greasley, M. Simms


Tour to Bournemouth September 1981

1981AB.W. Clarke Cup winners 1982

Back; T. Bates, B. Scott, C. Holland, B. Roehrig, J. Mills, A. Rush

Front; J. Fraser, P. Sutliff,  B. Sutliff (capt), M. Jay, T. Hubbard


1st XI 1982

Back; T. Bates, B. Roehrig, J. Palmer, A. Rush, J. Mills, R. Cooper, S. Bird

Front, P. Holland, P. Sutliff, T. Hubbard, B. Sutliff (capt), C. Holland, J. Fraser

1982C (2)

Dennis Coath’s celebrity team and Syston – Dallas Moir is outstanding



Single wicket players and umpires 1983


1989AJunior squad late 1980’s

1989BAugust 1988 2nd XI v Soar Valley, last game in the North Leicestershire Cricket League

1989GPresident J.C.P. Arnold opens the new pavilion in August 1989

1989HJunior teams celebrate the opening of the new pavilion


2nd XI v Barwell 1990. Probably the oldest ever team put out

but somehow we managed to win

Back, S. French, P. Hackett, B. Jay, R. Pole, J. Palmer, R. Kinton

Front; N. Lewis, J. Newton, R. Cooper, J. Greasley (capt), P. Cooper, 

Chris Pole

1993AUnder 13 County Champions 1993

Back; M. Stanbury, T. Mackey, P. Thorne, M. Webb, C. Holland (coach), S. Iliffe,

M. Walton, S. Kooner

Front; C. Sibson, D. Fletcher, R. Holland, C. Pole, C. Noble, T. Gallop

1993FUnder 13 County 8 a-side Champions 1994

Back; T. Mackey, S. Iliffe, M. Webb, M. Walton, D. Fletcher

Front; P. Thorne, T. Gallop, C. Noble, R. Holland, C. Pole, C. Sibson

1998AUnder 17 1996

Back; C. Sibson, S. Iliffe, C. Pole (capt), P. Owen, L. Collins, N. Odedra

Front; V. Sisodia, M. Dunkley, T. Gallop, R. Holland, M. Malloy

1997ALoughborough C A Under 13 Cup winners 1997

Back; J. Wheeler, J. Edgar, C. Stanbury, M. Fraser, S. Feasey

Front; J. Sutliff, C. James, T. Cabrelli, R. Pattani

1998BUnder 17 County runners-up 1997

Back; A. Patel, N. Odedra, R. Gibson, D. Glover, A. Sutliff, V. Sisodia, J. Sutliff

Front; L. Collins, M. Malloy, C. Pole (capt), R. Holland, M. Webb

1999ABurrough Cup winners 1999

Back; A. Holland, J. Mills, C. Pole, A. Burndred, S. Cooper, P. Sutliff

Front; A. Khoda, A. Beynon, S. Walter, M. Shepherd, R. Holland

summer 2003 0341st XI v Market Harborough July 2003

Back; N. Doughty, T. Cardoso, C. Pole, N. O’Donovan, E. Bourke, M. Patel

Front; A. Friend, V. Sisodia, S. Cooper (capt), C. Weir, K. Dudharejia

2003BKen with Fred Trueman at a fund raiser

2003FPresident’s Day 2003

2004A1st XI 2004

Back; E. Bourke, A. Bhagawati, N. O’Donovan, T. Cardoso, T. Cabrelli, V. Sisodia

B. Sutliff (scorer)

Front; R. Nayyar, C. Weir, S. Cooper, (capt), P. Howard, M. Bhatt

2004DJohn Conteh draws the raffle at a fiund raiser

2004CCentenary celebrations in 2004



David Shepherd at a fund raiser in 2006


1st XI 2008

Back; M. Potter, L. Perry, K. Mann-Kler, R. Sharma, U. Razzaq, B. Sutliff (scorer)

Front; D. Rowe, R. Hayat, A. Bhagawati, S. Cooper (capt), R. King, P. Howard

2008BHenry Olonga sings at a fund raiser

2009BSyston beat Kibworth to win Challenge Cup in 2009

Back; R. King, R. Hayat, T. Corbett, B. Pardesi, A. Pathan, W. Edwards, L. Perry

Front; S. Salagee, P. Howard, S. Cooper (capt), U. Razzaq, A. Mahmood 

2009JDavid Bailey presents the Clubmark certificate in 2009

2009KPresident David Fox with Ivan and his team on President’s Day 2009

Back; K. Mann-Kler, J. Tanna, J. Harris, J. Mills, A.J. Behl,

R. Marston, T. Bailey,

Front; G. Corbett, C. Taylor, I. Spibey (capt), David Fox (President),

T. Corbett


The great Saqlain Mushtaq who starred for the club in 20101004240011

10082800352nd XI 2010

Back; G. Corbett, D. Bhatia, P. Short, T. Smith, G. Ward, H. Whait

Front; B. Pardesi, N. Doughty, A. Corbett (capt), P. Oakman, A. Beynon

1009190007Sunday XI on President’s Day 2010

Back; T. Bailey, G. Ward, A. Checklin, K. Mann-Kler, S. Cooper, P. Howard,

P. Holland (umpire)

Front; M. Peacock, T. Corbett, I. Spibey (capt), D. Fox (President), R. Marston

1009190012Sunday XI celebrate promotion after beating Welby on President’s Day 2010

1109110020Good food, good conversation and good company at President’s Day 2011

1204050022Tall stories from Mike Gatting at a fund raiser in 2012