50+ Club

The winners of £100 for the last three months are;

July. no. 39. Jose Mills

August. no. 31. George Corbett

September. no. 48. Mary Mee

50+ Club

The winners of £100 for the last three months are;

April no 38 Mark Puttnam

May. no 3 Peter Holland

June. no 11 Andy Corbett

50+ Club

The winners for the first three months of the year who each take home £100 are;

January. Brian Sutliff no. 21

February. Geoff Quincey no. 16

March. Mike James no. 41.

50+ Club End of Year Draw

The final draws for 2021 have now been made and the winners are;

October. 11. Andy Corbett £100

November. 55. Jim Palmer £100

December. 37. Paddy Oakman £500

27. Nish Bathia £100

54. Gary Baines £100

56. Dharmist Bathia £100

50+ Club Winners July to September 2021

Dave Fox has announced the latest winners who each receive £100 and they are;

July. Phil Gibson no.24

August. Brian Sutliff no 19

September. Peter Fox no. 17

50+ Club Winners April-June 2021

Dave Fox tells me that the latest winners, who each win £100, are as follows;

April. no. 53. Chris Pole

May. no. 71. A. Grudgings

June. no 5. Rob Slater

John Mills

Following the untimely death of John this poem was written by Jose and Beth which sums up the man we all knew

50+Club Winners

The winners for January, February and March are Brian Sutliff (19), Geoff Quincey (16) and Ken Cooper (63).

They win £100 each